I love Woodcrafter's Markers
playing around

the dining room table is fixed

I took off the bun feet, sanded the edges of the base down so it wouldn't like it was sitting directly on the floor, then put new feet on.  After I cleaned and stained it I flipped it right side up...wallah, it's now the same height as the other table, and fits the chairs.

DSCF0014  DSCF0016

I finished the revolving bookcase last night as well...now I've only got one more kit I'm going to put together for the Fairfield (I think).


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Un fantastico trabajo y has conseguido lo que querias la misma altura en las dos mesas.
besitos ascension


Nicely done!

And you're on a roll!
I'm going to work on my hand some more, after watching the Geri's Game Pixar video - his knuckles are exactly what I am going for!
Almost done with Halloween here - everything is put up, but I want to do a few more things.

Bought a bunch of labels from an E seller:
and they print out really nice, so I am going to pull a few bottles out and put some on, after I color them a bit...


Wow! i love the Helena doll!


Those labels are nice, I like her work.

The Helena doll is impressive, but the buttons eyes are odd on some of her other dolls. I like the pearls you used on your ghost better.

I read your sentence "Almost done with Halloween here - everything is put up, but I want to do a few more things" and thought 'why is she putting up her Halloween decorations now? Halloween is over'. Then I understood what you meant.

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