this is what I wanted to begin with
shadow play

there was a crooked man, who had some crooked chairs


There was a kit for a pair of chairs in the large lot of old stuff I bought on ebay...same lot the table and desk were in...I wasn't planning to put it together, but then I decided I needed a chair in the bedroom, and one to pull up to the worktable in the attic.

They're crooked.  They lean forward, while the braces between the front and back legs are slanted backwards.  Half way through the first one I stopped, sure I was assembling it wrong, but there is only one way the pieces fit together, so I kept going.

I sanded some off of the bottom of the back legs of one of the chairs, to get it to sit more accentuates that the braces are crooked, so I'll have to throw a sweater or something over the chair, since it's going in the bedroom.  I'm not going to tinker with the other one, I'll put it upside down atop a table in the attic.

By the time remind me that it's easier to paint and stain before I assemble...geesh, the ways in which I manage to make things unnecessarily difficult...


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There's no way around it - those are some crooked chairs!!

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