teeny toy perfection


I've been puttering around with this for days.  I stained it walnut, then put a coat of off-white paint on it and distressed it.  I intended it to be finished, so glued the leaf in place.  Then, after I mixed my custom shade of light blue I thought ""  So now it's blue...with some oak stain over that to make it dirty, and then distressed again.




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I would have it in my kitchen!
Very nice distressing!

Power outages are driving me crazy here today - I get used to not trying to turn things on just about the time the power company gets it back on.
And Rotten and I are on a major three-day housecleaning jag - tomorrow is the garage!
Woo hoo...


Can I bribe you with my husband's lasagna to come spend three days on a housecleaning jag at my house?


Not as tempting while I am sitting here stuffed full of oatmeal that itself was stuffed full of Keli's generous gift of cherries, but later I'll be craving lasagna!

We have clean areas but our resolve is being distracted by little side jobs, so the schedule is shifting and the garage is still cluttered, but the day is supposed to warm up into the 70s and we'll get started - Rotten gets to put his car in there, so the incentive is high.

And I don't feel like a hoarder anymore...

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