next year's projects

another mock-up... suggested by my assistant when I asked for her opinion...because some days being my assistant involves more than accounting, doing my filing, and complimenting my octopus patterned toe socks.

She liked the bookcase better, but suggested she might like the wall better if I put something on it more in scale with the rooms, instead of a big picture.  I think she's on to something.

Just imagine there are little portraits inside the frames...of Susan, Melinda and myself...and that they're a little lower on the wall, I've got them too high in the mock up.

I wonder if I could fit a narrow semi-circular hall table on that wall...



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I hurt myself, snorting at my Christmas present! I like Melinda's, too!

And I love the pictures on the wall!
Better than the other mock-ups, by far!
Are we looking at each other like they do in the Brady Bunch pictures?


Susan's present is AMAZING! I love the description on mine, "A body that will turn heads..." I know Keli picked her because of the big knockers. :)

And I like this option the best too. I vote a raise for your assistant! 'Cause I'm nice and not in charge.


I'm a little bummed that Keli isn't going to pop for the $10,000 Gc-Tinies dollhouse for me, but if she's passing out money in her office, it's understandable...


I'm passing out money in my office?!? You lost me.

Keli I get it.

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