feeling Christmasy
the last five days...


I had a surprise afternoon off yesterday.  The hard drive on my office PC went kaput mid morning...after I got off the phone with Dell's tech support to get a replacement hard drive sent I made sure my assistant had a project to keep her busy for the afternoon, then came home.  There wasn't much point of staying at the office when I couldn't do any work. 

On the drive home I planned to work on the dollhouse all afternoon, but my daughter didn't have her afternoon class and she was in a togetherness kind of mood...I don't pass those up.  I had a very pleasant afternoon with Kate, then took a rare turn at making dinner when she left for her evening class, since I left the foot of snow in the driveway for Matt to clear out when he got home from work...though I did have the sidewalks shoveled for him.

I'm debating how early I'm going to go in to the office this morning...I'll take my iPad with me, so that I can access my work email via the web portal, even though I'm not going to be able to access our accounting system or my files...but I need to be there when my hard drive shows up so that I can make sure it gets installed and the software I need loaded on.

Wakefield spent the day under the Christmas tree yesterday...I was going to take a picture of him lying underneath, gazing up into the tree, but nobody wants to see a bunch of pictures of my cat.  The occasional picture I can get away with, but too many and I'll turn into some weird cat lady who puts plush reindeer antlers on him for Christmas card photos, and calls him a fur-kid.

I took some pictures of a few of my favorite ornaments to share with you instead.





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I love the ornaments, but you know I would love seeing Wakefield in antlers and a tiny knit sweater even more!
Seriously, he's a very photogenic cat anyway and I love cat pictures, but yep, am understanding how you don't want to run other readers off with it - you have a hard enough time keeping them with me here.

And I won't call him your "fur baby", but can buy into calling him your "little guy"!


How can E have nothing for "podunk"???

Was your mouth hanging open like mine still is?

The used paint brush collection is podunk as all get out, though... I'm headed out to the garage to see what I can list on E before it gets hauled out for trash pick-up.


Yup, my mouth was hanging open too.


No post this morning, I was too busy with Wakefield...the poor little guy is so bored now that it's too cold to spend any time outside. He walked me to the pantry door this morning for breakfast, as his food bowl was empty...after he ate he walked me back to the bedroom door to get Matt up, then he walked Matt into the dining room, stood in front of the Christmas tree and meowed at him...Matt plugged the tree in, then Wakefield curled up on the tree skirt, gazed up into the branches and started purring.

He's going to be so broken hearted in January when we take the tree down.


You should get him a scratching post and some kind of tower to climb - give him something to do.
I think cats handle boredom better than dogs do, though, don't they?


A tower to climb is a great idea - placed in front of a window, so that he can watch the squirrels and birds play outside.

A bored cat is easier than a bored dog - bored dogs chew on things and go to the bathroom in the house for attention.




Bored dogs are THE WORST! Though I have seen cats do some nasty damage too.


Compare and save


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