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don't look, Susan...

...because I know you think pugs are ugly...but since I don't have anything to show you, because I haven't been doing anything besides working and sleeping, I thought I'd show you what my sister got for Christmas.  Her name is Sadie.

Ever since we were little my sister and I have wanted a pug.  I'm glad her dream fiinally came true.

I looked at my husband longingly when I showed him the picture (not that I'd actually get a dog at this point in my life), and he told me "get a mutt and teach it to run into walls".  What a grouch ;)

After the holidays I'll have to show you what I got her for sister, not the dog, I don't buy Christmas presents for pets....though I admit I did wrap and label a bag of cat treats and put them under the tree for no other reason than to make my husband roll his eyeballs at me.


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There's no such thing as an ugly puppy - Sadie is adorable!

And Matthew made me laugh out loud!

My dislike of pugs stems mainly from a very fat man who lived near us on the lake and drove his golf cart around, patrolling the neighborhood with no shirt on and his pug by his side, both of them growing fatter by the day.
I shouldn't judge pugs by that, because they are supposedly very nice little dogs, but some images get burned into the backs of your eyeballs and never go away.


Ewwww - I can picture it in my mind - he's complete with stretch marks, spider veins, black socks with sandals, and a day's growth of beard - the golf cart needs to be washed - and the dog is panting heavily and drooling.

Quick, someone describe Daniel Radcliffe naked!


Black socks with sandals and a tiny pair of shorts with a huge solid beer gut hanging over, and a thick black beard and mustache - much more of a Hagrid type.
And the dog licking him in the face - pugs are very excitable.

But he did keep his golf cart very clean - he could hang out on the side of the main road in front of his cottage while he washed it, which saved gas while still allowing him to see every car that entered the neighborhood.


I get it! I get it! :)

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