happy holidays


I had barely a smidgeon of time for the dollhouse this weekend.  I spent most of the day Saturday doing housecleaning, and most of the day Sunday visiting relatives.  I did squeeze in some "me time" Sunday morning to make a dresser for the back corner of the bedroom.

Now that I've got a wooden dresser in the room I hate the metal dresser even more...I'm going to have to strip the paint off, then re-paint it a different color.  Trying to make the metal look like wood didn't work at all...I need to embrace the metal, not fight it.


It's nice to be building again, instead of sewing, I feel back in my comfort zone.  Next on my to-do list is to build something for the back corner of the study...I was thinking of putting in a bookcase, but now I think I'll make a cabinet with doors or drawers on the bottom and shelves on the top.


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The dresser looks really good in the corner!


I like that dresser, and agree that it especially makes the other dresser look like it needs to be painted. Sad that it makes more work for you, though.


I wonder if it doesn't need to be a tad deeper and have visible front feet...


Merry Christmas to you!!
We're going to be gone tomorrow ( Christmas Eve ), so I'm saying it now and wishing you a nice day!

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