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feeling Christmasy

DSCF0011No playing in the dollhouse this weekend, I was playing in the big house.

Kate and I put the Christmas decorations up Saturday morning.  The last piece she was left with was a snowman bowl that I asked her to put on the coffee table...she protested putting it out empty, and asked to make rock candy.  By the time Matt came home from work at 4:00 we had a batch of peanut brittle ready to crack, and were pouring out the fourth batch of rock candy.  We filled the biggest tupperware bowl with rock candy...I'm going to have to give some away, as we've got more than the three of us will eat before next Christmas.  The peanut brittle is going quickly though, I've already had to promise Matt I'll make more.

Sunday I did some more usual I bought Kate way too much, but she's so much fun to shop for that I can't help it.  I've got everyone's gifts figured out now, and almost all of them purchased.


DSCF0001 Wakefield is entranced by the Christmas tree.  He sits in the dining room and stares at it for hours on's adorable.  He's abandoned his usual spot in the hallway to sleep on the tree skirt... I'll have to leave a empty spot there for him when I put the presents under the tree.




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SOOOO pretty!!!!
I love that you got in the mood to decorate, and love that Wakefield is so happy with it!
We have had a few cats that climbed our Christmas trees - they liked the real trees, and I have a nice fake one now, but there is nothing worse than hearing a cat ripping up the middle of a tree you just spent hours on!
I can't imagine having a real tree again - worrying about watering it, needles falling - not worth the pine scent for me.

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Now I feel like a total schlub - so much yet to do!
But first, to go check out the "man junk" in your E favs...


Alrighty, now I really am going to go get things done - I'll try to get some decent pictures later this week to show you!

Oh, first a rant.
I was reading through my blog list yesterday and ran across one that irked me.
A woman was dumbfounded that all of her "podunk" customers at her booth in a craft mall were stooping down to pick up the song book pages she had scattered on the floor.
Apparently, no one was urbane enough to get the reference, whatever it was - I really didn't and still don't care - and were "uneducated" enough to try to pick them up, instead of walking on them.

I did post that it might be good to rethink calling her potential customers names, since her address is in her blog.
About twenty of her regular readers chimed in that they were misunderstood in the same way , and were bemoaning that no one "gets" them, either, since they lived in podunk towns, themselves.

So do I, basically, and that wasn't my point.

We've talked about this before - store owners who talk about their customers.
There's a lady here who runs an antique mall that I love, but I rarely go there because she is so nasty.
So sweet to your face and will talk forever, but as each customer leaves, she has something snide to say about them, and I very much get the vibe that she does the same thing when I leave.
If I'm looking for something, I'll go anyway - so many people who deal in antiques and vintage seem to have that hard edge.

But seriously, there is nothing podunk about picking up book pages off the floor in a place where you are expected to pay for anything you break, whether you know the reference or not.
And if I slipped and fell on them and then found out that they had been put there intentionally to be "cutesy", I would be tempted to sue the ass off the person responsible.
More than tempted.
Call me podunk.


Dude, the next time my husband bitches about dirty laundry on the floor I am going to tell him that I am creating ambiance.


See, now you "get" her!

LMAO though - I "get" you!

At least you can't slip on laundry, and can actually get some good traction from it.

I don't even know if the book pages were a reference to something or if she was just trying to be different, but there was such a "high school bitch club" feel to it, that people weren't keen enough to get it.
I have three girls that have been jumped on by me every single time they tried that - when you learn something, you know it, and until then you don't.

And to be honest, what antique mall would let her spread anything on the floor? I know they have to have insurance to cover their butts, and even though hers is in Kentucky, I do believe the same laws would apply.


Oh, look what I did to Keli's pretty Christmasy post!


LOL...I like it when you guys take off with my posts.

That lady ought to be thankful instead of pissy...nobody ever tries to pick my ambiance up off the floor.

Her clientele may not "get" her, but they do get slip and fall liability, apparently.


She has a lot of people saying they "get" it, and now I think that "it" is just the idea of tearing up a song book and spreading the pages on the floor to be different - there is no other reference.
So yep, it's just a matter of her thinking that people aren't hip because they are picking up something that they believe to be valuable or potentially hazardous on the floor.

Which makes me want to slide by there when we head south in a few weeks and see if she has any old postcards or other ephemera that I can slide off onto the floor and tromp around on.

Surely she would laugh at my quirkiness...


I imagined visiting her booth with a basket full of glitter, tossing a handful in front of me with each step...because I'm quirky, educated, "with it", and oh so misanthropic.


Oh, and I'll wear a haute couture garment I crafted out of an old "Podunk U" sweatshirt...because "with it" people upcycle, don't you know.

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