the last five days...
don't look, Susan...


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Snow day here today - started out as a two-hour delay and turned into a snow day.
The kids are torqued because they only get three snow days off this year before they have to be made up in summer, and they also had a band concert tonight that they may not be around to make up, since we're taking them out of school early for the trip.

Three inches of snow sends everyone into a panic here now - I don't remember that when we were younger...


We got nothin'. We had maybe two inches, and when that fell the roads were terrible because we had rain all day Saturday and part of Friday, but once that got salted, everything was fine. Victoria was pissed! She thought for sure as we were slipping and sliding all the way home from Jo-Ann yesterday that she'd get today off.

Just finished an oven mitt for my sister, but still can't bring myself to start quilting blanket number three. I WILL NOT put the sewing machine away and work on something else. Maybe if I write it here it will be true.


We got about another foot of snow by the time the storm was done. The high winds are what made the storm bad though, a lot of roads drifted closed faster than they could be plowed and there is a lot of ice build up on the roads. Schools were canceled yesterday...the college was only closed in the morning, so Kate's evening class was still on, but the roads were still bad enough when I got home from work that I pulled in the driveway, told her to quit scraping the ice off her car and get into mine, that I would drive her.

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