storm report

the last five days...

...or, why I haven't been posting.

This last week has been frustrating but funny...

The hard drive on my PC at work started dying Monday morning, and as I wasn't up and running again with a new hard drive until late Wednesday afternoon my in-box is piled sky high. 

Tuesday morning I went to work with my iPad, thinking that I could at least access my email and get done some things I do online, but the internet connection was down because of the blizzard we had at the beginning of the week.  I went home early Tuesday afternoon, but rather than play in the dollhouse I shoveled the foot of snow that fell that morning so that Matthew didn't have to do it two evenings in a row.

Wednesday I brewed my morning pot of coffee all over the kitchen counter, down the front of the cupboards and onto the floor...which is not a fun mess to clean up while craving my morning dose of caffeine. 

Thursday I decided to treat myself to a croissanwich for breakfast, and broke my car going through the drive through.  A part that holds the window in its track broke, and I had to drive it from Burger King to the office with the window stuck all the way was 20°F that morning, but thankfully it had stopped snowing.  I drove it to the garage when they opened at 8:00...they were kind enough to squeeze me into their schedule and had it fixed and back to me before lunch.   I love the security having an awesome mechanic brings.

Friday wasn't bad, other than I was running around trying to make sure I'd handled everything that came up during my down time at the beginning of the week.  I'm fairly certain everything I left in my in-box at the end of the day wasn't pressing.

Saturday wasn't bad either, I finished my Christmas shopping.  I went out for something for my brother and my sister's boyfriend, but ended up with more for Kate and my nieces and nephew as well.  You would think I'd have learned by now not to walk through Macy's when I've already bought Kate more than she needs.

A severe winter storm started at 7:00 pm last night and isn't supposed to end until 7:00 tomorrow morning, so I'm planning on staying home today.  Hopefully, after I get the presents wrapped, more peanut brittle made, and my housework done, I'll find some time to relax in my studio.


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Sounds like you've had an interesting week, and glad to hear that you handled it all so well, though that is what you do, isn't it!
And Kate needs more stuff!

I'm almost done with shopping, too. We're getting that snow this morning, but hopefully I can get out tomorrow to finish it.

Did I tell you that we're headed down south this week, to Georgia to pick up Rebekkah and her friend at their base to bring them back here for Christmas, and we're stopping by Alan's base on the way to meet him and his new squeeze for dinner?
Seems like I told you sometime in the last few months, but if not...


No, you didn't tell me. I'm glad you get to see the kids, and hope your travels are uneventful. Is it just yourself and Johnny Rotten making the drive, or are the girls going along for the road trip too?


We're all going - Rotten rented a van because ours is getting too old to be trusted on a trip that far.
Our Rebekkah made a Rebekah friend in boot camp and they are both at the same base now, so we can get them both in one swoop.
They decided in basic that they would spend Christmas visiting each other's homes.
We'll have the new R for a few days after we get back and then our R is flying up to her home on Christmas day.
Should be fun, and yep, hopefully uneventful!

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