one would think I'd be old enough...

happy holidays

The holidays are over...I'm sad to see the celebrations end, yet relieved life will calm back to normal. 

I'm thankful to have spent a lot of time with my family....I'm appreciative that the gifts I gave were well received, and grateful for the ones I was given...and I'm jealous that my daughter still has two whole weeks of vacation left before her next semester starts, while today is my last day off before I go back to work.

I hope you and your loved ones, wherever in the world you are, are happy, healthy and enjoying whatever holiday you celebrate.

I've only one picture that turned out well enough to share with you, from the gathering at my parent's house...my sister opening her gift from me, a purse just the right size with a picture of a pug on the front.  I saw the purse at Macy's a day or two after I saw the picture of her Christmas puppy, and couldn't resist buying it for her.



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Very nice picture of your sis, with snow in the background and that warm blanket - did they bring the puppy with them?

So glad to have life back to "normal" here this morning, though our holidays were especially nice this year - we got to see all family members since we traveled, and my son finally made me something, after years of begging.

You know how they make so many things when they're little?
I miss those things with my boys all grown and for years have told them I want nothing other than something they've made, though I do like the B&N cards they usually try to substitute.
But this year one of them framed an oil pastel abstract he had done and my eyes still tear up when I remember opening it - am still so happy because of it!


They did bring the puppy with them...she's adorable.

How very cool your son painted for you...those are the extra special heartfelt gifts, I can understand why you teared up.

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