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I'm losing my mind

Remember yesterday that I said I found skinnier table legs?  I can't find them.  I know I saw them, I'm sure of it, but I can't remember where I saw them. 

I need to clean my studio again, that's why I can't find anything.  All my storage drawers are stuffed full of things I'll never use, so I have to tuck new stuff in boxes and baskets on my shelves, which has led to too many containers to rummage through when I need something, and I can't keep track of what's where.  I'm constantly stumbling across things I forgot I had, and running to the store for new paintbrushes because I can't remember where I put the pack I bought two weeks before.  I need to do a huge purge of supplies for old hobbies I know I'm not going to get back to, so that I can reorganize.

I should have my husband re-build the inside of my closet, the space isn't being utilized very well.  He rebuilt the inside of the coat closet in the living room to accomodate storage for part of his LP collection and it turned out great.

Perhaps the thorough cleaning of my studio will be my project in between the Fairfield and the Chantilly.  It's been almost two years since I renovated my studio, and I've never done more than vacuum and clean my worktable ever since...I noticed a fairly thick layer of dust on top of a box I pulled down from a shelf yesterday.


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Purge purge purge purge!!!

Hey, do you have shelving in the closet?
I just redid my bedroom closet with hanging organizers - cheap at TJ Maxx, if you have one there - and those white wire shelves from Lowes that adjust on wall-mounted racks.
Very nice because you can have thin shelves and then wide shelves, and they are wicked easy to install.

Last year was my organizing year and it went really well, especially thanks to those shelves and lots of clear plastic bins from Target!


Adjustable wire shelving is exactly what I'm picturing...shelving on one side of the closet, double rod hanging space on the other. Right now I've got a single rod with a narrow shelf over the top and four of those plastic drawer unit things underneath.

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