the pub, day eleven
the pub, day twelve

Saturday afternoon

I just came in from the mailbox...I still haven't received the third shipment which will finish the pub. The due date for the first contest is the 31st, today is the 29th. There will be no mail tomorrow, so unless the rest of the supplies arrive Monday afternoon and I can get the pub finished and photographed that evening, entering the first contest is out. you think the pub looks complete enough to enter as is?


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It wouldn't hurt to try to enter it as is if your stuff doesn't come. It doesn't look like it's lacking anything obvious...but I do want to see what you are missing. :)


What's in the next shipment are the draft beer pumps, more bottles, the labels for the bottles, and a tankard. I'm not missing a lot without it, but the finishing details are important.


It does look good enough, but now I'm wondering - it's Monday evening!

So you just have to send pictures for this deadline?


Yes, I just have to take pictures. But I've got a screaming headache, no motivation, and the store holding it doesn't have anything good in half scale that I would spend the gift certificate on if I did I'm not going to enter, I'm going to take a handful of ibuprofen then crawl in bed.


The ibuprofen fixed me...I entered the contest.

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