the pub, day ten
Saturday afternoon

the pub, day eleven

The second shipment of goodies arrived yesterday...I'm hoping the third will arrive this afternoon.


My shelves are practically full already, which means I bought too many bottles...but since I can move the small ones to my half scale houses that's okay.

I particularly like the glass of scotch on the rocks and the jar of pickled eggs.

Before I glue the bottles to the shelves I have to take some pictures of this stuff in my house, the size difference is hysterical.  I must say that 1:12 is a lot easier to work in than 1:24 is.


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That glass of scotch is perfect! It looks real! The jar of eggs too, but I'm more impressed with the scotch since it's tinier.


WOW! Simply wow!

And yep, I'm with Melinda - the pickled eggs, though they gave me a shudder, look very realistic and that glass of scotch next to them gives the bar character, like someone has just stepped away from their stool.
The "lived in" feel without having to have people!

It looks really amazing!

Speaking of amazing, Rotten surprised me last night with tickets to the sold-out "Jeckyl & Hyde" that his university's drama club is putting on.
It's a smaller college, but they have some serious talent and it was excellent!
Some really unique stage effects and it was a musical, which isn't always my favorite, but all of the voices were perfect and perfectly blended when they sang together - the lead prostitute really stood out and I kept thinking "she could easily be a Disney animated princess" - higher praise than you would think.
Sounds funny, but it made sense last night...

And the Jeckyl/Hyde character - John and I had a discussion on the way home, because he was amused that the character transformation was achieved by the actor taking off his glasses and crouching, while slightly messing up his hair.
How could his fiance and best friend not know it was him?

I countered with "exact same technique that Superman uses, except you can substitute the crouch and messy hair for blue tights".


Te ha quedado fantastico!!!!
El hielo es simplemente perfecto, se ve tan real.
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension


Ascension, I'd love to take credit for the ice cubes, but I bought the glass half full.

Susan, "The lead prostitute"...not a phrase I hear every day, struck me as unjustifiably absurd. And I'm in total agreement with your Superman counter.

Melinda, I'll have to photograph the glass of scotch in my dollhouse, it looks gigantic to me.


Lead prostitute, with a heart of gold, of course - we knew she was toast when, after receiving a letter from Jeckyl ( filled with money ) begging her to leave town immediately, she started slowly packing her bag while singing a beautiful song about how wonderful her life was going to be in a new place with a fresh start.

When warned of imminent danger, never take the time to dance around and sing a show tune!

Alison Shibata

Cozy the artwork, red counter, whiskey glass and eggs!
When I see or hear "cerulean" it immediately brings to mind "The Devil Wears Prada", a favorite :)
Aloha from Hawaii, Alison


Thanks, Alison!

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