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hobby lobby loot


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Wow! The bottles beside it give a great perspective on the size - it's always hard for me to remember how tiny the scale is that you're working in.
And I love how full the shelves are, and love those tap handles ( probably not what they're called? ) and the photograph of the men on the top.

When do we get to know how you did in the contest?


I didn't think it looked unfinished before, but now that I see your little extras in it, this is much better. And I also love the tap handles...if that's what they're called.

casey rice

I love it. You did a great job. I love the jar of pickled eggs. Do they still have those in bars? Wonderful detailing.


Fabulous work! It looks perfect displayed with the life-sized bottles. My boyfriend and I will be over for a Scotch right after work to admire in person. :]


Thanks everyone!


Love the pub !

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