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another trip

I have to go to St. Louis in April for a company meeting.  Usually when I'm paid to travel I'll pad the trip by a couple of days...I have to pay for the hotel room and meals for the extra days, but since I don't incur the cost of getting there it's worth it.

I googled for museums, zoos, public gardens, etc in St. Louis, clicked on the site for a miniature museum, then found that there is going to be a miniatures fair the weekend before my meeting.  How cool is that?


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Awesome timing there! Can't wait to see photos!


I bet you'll come back inspired and full of new ideas!


And I have to add that St Louis is the first place I ever saw a man in high heels and I couldn't do anything more than gawk.
If he had been a full-blown cross-dresser, I still would have stared, but the fact that he was in a man's business suit and a woman's very high heels just fascinated me!


That is fascinating, Susan.

A friend of mine knows of an old dusty creepy wax museum downtown that's so awfully bad that only people like us appreciate it. I've got her checking to see if it's still open.

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