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I've been puttering around in the kitchen the last couple of weeks...ten minutes here, half an hour there, whenever I could find time.  It's not going well, finishing the kitchen is harder than I thought it would be.

I'm going to splurge on some kits to make houseplants to go on top of the upper cabinets, the houseplants I've been making from plastic aquarium plants don't please me...I'll replace those throughout the house with paper ones.

I'm indecisive about whether I need more stuff on the long back counter.  I think now that if I add more to the corner by the stove it should be okay, as the two canisters I've got there seem too small to be in scale with the rest of the accessories.  Wait...the two canisters you can't even see...sorry, I'll take better pictures tomorrow when the batteries in my big camera have recharged. 

The only other thing I haven't done yet that I know for sure I will is to make a tablecloth.  If anyone has ideas for finishing the room please post a comment, I can use the help.


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I think it needs to look a little more lived in, maybe a dish towel hanging from the stove or refrigerator handle, an open magazine or newspaper on the table next to a cup of tea or coffee? The plants will help too, but those are the things I'd like to see.


A pair of copper-colored fighting roosters on the wall above the back counter!
And a filmy lace tablecloth - is that what you already have planned?

And I pulled up the picture and looked at where the canisters should be for almost a whole minute before I kept reading and saw that we couldn't see them, anyway.


Copper colored roosters...hmmm....

No, a filmy lace tablecloth wasn't what I had planned, I had planned a solid print...that doesn't sound right, does it?...a non-see-through cover the big gap where the drop leaf folds down.

I thought it needed a towel on the stove or frig handle too, Melinda...but those handles are solid, I'd have to cut a slit in one to put the towel through...I may try that though.

I was planning on a napkin holder, salt and pepper shakers, and a folded newspaper on the table...the empty tea cup is already on the counter next to the sink, with the dirty breakfast dishes.

I'm trying to think of a way to make tiny spice jars to go on the counter next to the stove, but I've got no good ideas yet.

I think I may trade the plant on the counter right of the frig for a bowl of oranges, since the home-owner had fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Perhaps I'll dig out my air-dry clay...hopefully it hasn't hardened into an unusable block by now.

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