I finished the bathroom yesterday...
another trip

the bathroom





When I put in the shelves a couple of weeks ago I knew the smart thing to do would be to fill them first, but because the bathroom floor is wonky and I had to cut the right foot off the shelving unit and glue it in crooked in order to make it straight, I didn't.  I should have tried.  Everything on the shelves had to be meticulously placed with a pair of long tweezers...which means everything was dropped a half dozen times before it reached the shelves then was placed cock-eyed and had to be teased into place.  It took forever.

I spent a lot of time on the pipes that lead from the tank to the toilet.  There are two:  one goes from the tank to the toilet and the other goes from the tank, through the back of the toilet, to the floor, with a small o-ring at the bottom.  They are brass, but because they faded into the yellow wallpaper I had to pull them back out after I was done to paint them pewter...I placed a third brass pipe (unpainted) between them as a spacer, because when they sat next to each other it wasn't noticeable there were two instead of one.  Now that the alterations are done and they're back in place I realize that they can hardly be seen...I can't tell there are two, and I can't tell only one goes to the floor.  What a lot of fussing around for nothing.

When I bought bottles and labels to make the bar I lucked into stock for the dollhouse.  I had quite a few smaller bottles left over that are suitable for half scale, and the labels came in a packet that had two sheets of perfume and other small bottle labels that are small enough for half scale.  I used some of the bottles in the bathroom, made even smaller ones out of beads, and added labels to them all.  I think the labels really make a difference.

There are a couple of things my perfectionist self isn't happy with..the pipe leading up to the shower was supposed to be centered between the faucets, and the trio was supposed to be centered to the head of the tub...and the shower curtain rod is shorter than the tub is long.  But, considering that I had to work in a room the same size as my hand so did almost everything with tweezers I guess that's not too bad.  I'm going to settle for being grateful there isn't a big painty gluey fingerprint in the middle of the mirror.


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It seriously looks like a real bathroom, and a very nice bathroom, at that!


Love it! Love it! Love it!
Thanks for the tip about placing everything before your put it in the room! I can't believe it's so tiny and so perfect!
Great job! :D

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