the roofline

Spring Fling roofline problem

This is the roofline in my inspiration photo...

Real roofline
This is what I've got done on the miniature so far...

Roofline crop

It looks good in person, but it doesn't look good photographed...my assistant told  me it looks like somebody threw up green glittery stuff on the roof.  I can't decide if I should pull it all off to leave the roof unplanted, try again with smaller foliage, or keep going.  What do you think?


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It's just the colour that looks odd to me - too Christmas like.


Yes, not "spring green" enough...maybe some brownish-yellows in there, too.


I agree on the color situation....Maybe even stiffen some sewing thread with glue and use it for what looks like grass up there. More muted colors.

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