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spring fling - twenty one days to go

I made a list last week of all the things I need to do to finish the Spring Fling.  The list filled both side of a page on a legal increased my anxiety tenfold, at least.  I know I have a lot to do, but the list seems longer on paper than it did it my head, and much more overwhelming.

This weekend, I decided, was going to be the weekend to thatch the roof, since that's the highest prioritized item on the list with the longest anticipated completion time...and the most worrisome, as I've never thatched a roof before.

It didn't take as long as I thought to do the thatching.  I scheduled the entire weekend, but got it almost done yesterday.  I could have finished, but sometime in the last decade, I'm not sure when exactly, I apparently became too old to sit on the floor cross-legged all day.  My back was so sore by the end of the day I wanted to cry.  Thankfully, all I need to do to complete it today is to do some trimming and to finish the peaks.


The longer I sit here typing the longer I can put off getting down on the floor again, so I'll share with you my observations on my first time thatching...

It's messy.  Messy, messy, messy.  I have coconut fibers all over the floor of my studio, down the hallway, in the bathroom, stuck to the cat, in my coffee cup...I managed to glue almost as many to myself as I did to the roof.  I'm going to have to throw away the pants I wore yesterday, as they now look like part of a scarecrow costume.

It didn't take as much thatch as I thought it would.  I had three hunks of fibers, but didn't use all of the first hunk.  It did take a lot more glue than I expected, though...I used an entire bottle (the big sized bottle!) of Aileen's by the time I was about three quarters of the way through the thatching.

It's tedious, painstacking, messy, monotonous, frustrating, messy...and I have enough left over to thatch two to three more houses.  I'll have to bury it deep enough in my supply closet that by the time I stumble across it again I'll have forgotten how painful the process was and only remember how good it looks...because you know what?  It looks really, really good...and will look even better once I'm finished.


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*squeals* Yay! Fuzzy house! I love thatching but have never actually done it. Congrats on a job well done! Looking forward to the final reveal -- but dreading the fast-approaching deadline, too!


Looks great! Your story is too funny. I can just see you sitting on the floor like that with fibers all over the place. Tee hee...
Doesn't that count down clock up there drive you crazy?? It would me!
Can't wait to see your entry!


Nice! I have a few sewing patterns that I keep in the drawer until I don't remember how awful they are to construct again. I think both of us should probably get rid of them, but I know we won't.

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