my inspiration pictures for the spring fling
more close ups - Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011 Moulin Cerulean

close ups - Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011 Moulin Cerulean

The geraniums were made from Bonnie Lavish kits, partly assembled by my friend Susan, partly by me.

The butterflies (one on the geranium, one by the climbing rose) are from the etsy shop God's Flying Flowers.

The climbing wild rose was made from another Bonnie Lavish kit, I wound the flowers onto a trunk I made from brown paper covered wire.  I ordered extra leaves when I bought the kit so that I would have some to fill out the vine.

The poppies and roses in the flower box are also made from Bonnie Lavish kits.  Because I was running short on time I bought them pre-assembled from artfire seller MostlyArt.  I added some of the extra rose leaves I bought for the climbing vine to fill out the box.

The row of small pink flowers in the front of the box were a gift from my friend Susan.


The grass in the planter boxes is grass, picked from my yard then dried.



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Beautiful plants and flowers! They really add a lot to your build. I didn't get to my window boxes for the villa.


I love the dried grass - it looks like arborvitae!

And the flowers are so pretty!
All I remember is being on the verge of tears for that entire week and hoping that you wouldn't be too disappointed when I sent them back with only the bare minimum done.

It absolutely gave me an even higher regard for what you do.
You turned my mess into realistic flowers!

And that tiny butterfly looks perfect on the leaf!


your details are great. Thanks for providing the links on your sidebar. I'd missed a few of those great entries!

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