cross your fingers for me
how the mill works

spring fling is DONE

When I saw the kit it brought to mind the buildings at Marie Antoinette's hamlet, in Versailles, France, which I had the pleasure of visiting last year.  I decided to turn my kit into an old mill, with the exterior reminiscent of the buildings at the hamlet, and the interior a fairly accurate representation of how an actual grain mill functions.  I have named it Moulin Cerulean, (Cerulean Mill).



These are the three photos I sent as my contest entry.  I'll post pictures with details in the coming days, right now I'm exhausted.

I'm seen some other amazing entries start appearing on blogs and forums, I'll post links to those later as well.  I wish good luck to all who entered!


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*applauding furiously* Wow! Marvelous work...and it's such a huge undertaking. Looking forward to the detail shots! Good luck!


Keli, this is... adjectives seem empty... I love it! Your thatched roof is great and I LOVE the addition that sits on the stairs. That is wonderous!


Maravilloso el molino! que gran trabajo. Eres una artista! (sabía que mis dedos cruzados funcionarían)
Un abrazo


Wow! Another fabulous entry! What a magnificent job you did on this in such a short time. I look forward to seeing the detail shots.

I have never seen your weblog before, but came over from Brea's blog where you had left a comment. I will certainly be back!


Yes, another fabulous entry! Glad I'm not the judges!

Great job.


Seriously, amazing!!
I have seen glimpses of it during the process, but seeing it as a whole is just jaw-dropping!
If this doesn't win the grand prize, I can't imagine what would!

Crossing fingers and toes for you here - I think it may even be better than the cemetery you made for me!

Lisa Bonzo

You have created a masterpiece. I LOVE it!

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