the exterior is done
sink and range

autumn in nothern Michigan

Between finishing the exterior of the Chantilly and spending extra time at the office (my assistant is off this week) I never found time to take a picture of  the fall color this year.  Thankfully a classmate of mine, Jen, who is a brilliant photographer, has graciously allowed me to share one of her pictures instead.

It is truly beautiful here's like living inside of a painting.  In the cold of winter, when I question why I didn't settle further south, I need pictures like this to remind myself why I chose to live in such a wonderful place.

Jen's autumn pic


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What a fantastic picture, the colour is beautiful!


You live in a very pretty part of the world. The photograph is wonderful. I wonder how long she had to wait for the ducks to sit still.


Sigh. I love autumn. :D


que preciosa fotografia!!


Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs Maria


THAT is a stunning photograph!
Jen has captured your fall season perfectly - tell her that her photo is breathtaking!


You get the beatiful north of Michigan, and I rest near enough to southern Michigan prison! Your pictures are nicer than what I could take!


And this, is why I despise living in Florida. No beauty like that. I adore Autumn. More pretty pictures!!! Please. :)

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