autumn in nothern Michigan
breakfast nook

sink and range




Painting the unfinished sink was easy, but painting the range was quite a dilemma since it was already finished.  An artist put a lot of time and effort into the paint job, it was very nicely done, and it felt disrespectful to paint over their work.  The color was too dark, however, for the unelectrified Chantilly, and the aged finish is not the look I'm going for in the cottage. 

If my miniature budget were still what it once was I would have bought an unfinished Aga kit for the Chantilly and saved this range for another project....but now that we are a single income family I have to work with what I already have.  After a few days of pondering I decided that since it is not a gift, since it is a piece created for sale then sold to me to use, that it is okay for me to use it as I see fit.


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I think it's sweet that you were so hesitant to paint over someone else's work!
But you needed to do it to make it fit in your space - it looks great in either color, so it's nice to have the color that works for you!


Aunque los muebles vengan ya pintados, tenemos que adaptarlos a nuestras mini casas..¡y es necesario cambiar a veces su color! A ti te ha quedado muy bien...felicidades!

Carol Morehead

I feel like that when I buy designer dollhouses... I sometimes think the designers may be rolling their eyes when I post on my blog!
Your sink and stove look better your way. CM

Betsy Rogers

Your painted versions will be much better... because they will be the way YOU want them!!! This project looks really good so far!


I think it looks nice. I also appreciate that you care about changing someone else's work. When I have hear what has been done to some of my houses that I sold, I just cringe - but it was made to suit me, and changing to suit them

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