autumn in nothern Michigan

the exterior is done

Well, done for the moment anyway.  I'll add landscaping later...I'm planning on a climbing vine in a bright autumn red along the front porch, some yellow mums, orange pumpkins...perhaps a window box on the larger of the second story windows.


I tried several different configurations of trim to add a short wall-like railing around the flat section of the roof.  No matter what I did it looked like I was building a boat up there.  I decided to go in a different wall or railing at all...I covered up the holes where the railing was supposed to go with strips of paper, then added a few more strips going the other direction and painted it to look like a lead roof. 

It's weird and unrealistic to have both a lead section and a thatched section on the same roof.  I don't like it, but can't think of anything better, and finishing it like this allows for easy change later if I come up with a better solution.

This is the first house I've done without making a detailed plan before I started the build, thus knowing exactly what the end result would be.  I'm building this one unplanned on purpose, as an artistic exericise, to see where my creativity takes me.  It's been hard to go with the flow, I've really had to resist planning ahead.  It's easy to not make lists on paper, it's harder to force myself not to make lists in my head.

Anyway...back to pictures. 

The chimney looks awfully top heavy, doesn't it?  I may take a saw to it.

Here's a shot of the flat roof and the porch roof before I finished them.  If they hadn't had all the slots and tab ends I'd have left them alone.

DSCF0004 DSCF0007
While I was painting I came to the conclusion that building up a slant on the porch roof and thatching it wasn't what I really wanted.  I decided to use skinny sticks to fill in the porch roof, making it level with the trim that edges it.  When I was done I pushed moss into the spaces between some of the boards, since a flat roof is going to hold water.  I added more moss to the section of the roof underneath where the wall is more aged, as if a tree shadows that section.  I really like how it turned out.


I wouldn't have finished the roof in this fashion had I laid strips for hardwood floors in the house or on the porch floor...but since I didn't I felt this was a good solution.

When I was done with I added the trim to the porch that finishes it off, then gave it a coat of satin varnish.  I gave the mossy roof a coat of matte varnish so that I don't lose the moss, but I didn't varnish the porch floor at all, so that it will collect dust and look lived in.



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Bye Faby


I love the moss on the porch roof - it adds such a touch of realism!

Are you decorating for Halloween yet?


Hello Keli,
I know what it's like to find imperfections in your own work and having it bother you. But I have to say I think it's looking beautiful. It has such a warm charm about...I think it's lovely. The fireplace and the roof came out perfect. You may find the chimney top heavy, but I think it works witht the rest of the structure.
Great work!
Best wishes,

Sierra Nordgren

Wow, my nieces and nephews would love that house. Have you shared tutorials here? People would probably love to know how you do these cute li'l houses. ^^

Max Boughner

The roof looks so cute. It looks like it has hay on top of it. You can turn this one into reality, sweetie. I also love the blue color. I won't mind having a home like that.

Alison Mckenzie

I admire you for your diligence. The details of the house are not easy to do especially if it’s a miniature. You have to use small pieces in order to complete it. The roof, unbelievably, is neatly-thatched. You did a marvelous job on the exterior. I know you will, too, for the interior.

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