embracing the tedium

getting the hang of it

I'm getting better with each batch.

Batch One

Batch Two


Batch Three

Most of batch two and three ended up 3/4 scale instead of 1/2 scale, I'm afraid...but I have some 3/4 scale furniture in my stash, so I'll end up using them eventually.

Batch Four ready to go


Susan, this one is for you...recognize it?

Brae, this one was inspired by you, because as soon as I saw it I heard you say "Grandma likes her liquor!".



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Wow! Thems a big batch of books! Great work!


look at you go!


Nice! :D You're on a roll!


That is a lot of books! But you need a lot of books, don't you, even though tiny people won't ever read them.

I am lost on the A Conrad Argosy connection.
It's too early in the day for my brain to fire up.


Susan, you'll get it...eventually ;)

janine Thiedeke

Good Morning Keli, Where do you find all the covers for the books. Have I missed this in a previous post or does everyone just know?
Regards Janine active once more on minworks.blogspot.com

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