embracing the tedium

I'm a nutter

I've completely lost my mind.  I'm looking for it in my cocktail glass now that I'm done making books for the day. 

What a tedious pain in the butt book making is...makes me question why I work in half scale.

It turned out like I wanted though, so it was worth the suffering...or it will be tomorrow anyway, right now my back is killing me from bending over my work table all day.

For a little added interest and variation I finished some of them with a matte sealer, some in satin and the rest in gloss.  I'm not sure I like the gloss ones, but I'm not discarding them after all that work.  I painted the tops of the balsa pages in either tan, white or gold.

The shelves aren't glued into the bookcase yet, which is why they look crooked.  I needed to finish the books first so I knew how far apart to space the shelves.  I'll either space the shelves a little further apart or put a kick plate at the bottom to eat up the extra space there.  I'll decide later, when my brain recuperates.

This isn't my final arrangment, I'm going to make a couple coffee table sized books to lay flat on a shelf and put a geegaw on top of them.  And, because the bottom two shelves won't be seen since the bookcase will sit behind the loveseat, I'm going to put something else there so I can move some of the books to the bookcase in the boy's bedroom.


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You know what you are?!! A SURVIVOR, baby! Hahahaha. Enjoy the cocktail!


It was worth it the books look fantastic :)
Hugs Maria


Hi nutter,
I can imagine how difficult it is to work in such a small scale, but the books look tremendous! All your projects turn out wonderful! It's well worth it!
By the way, glad you're feeling better!
Best wishes,


The final result has to be worth all the work and the backache for you - the books and shelf are perfect!

Drora Hed

The results justify the back breaking job. The books look great.

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