what I bought at the shows - part two
what I bought at the shows - part four

what I bought at the shows - part three

I bought a goldfish bowl from Miyuki Kobayashi, from Japan.  She also makes really cool aquariums, but I didn't have a spot to put one.  This bowl will go outside in the garden of one of my houses.

I bought 1:12 candles from Victoria of Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum...they are made from polymer clay but look just like wax...I am planning to use them inside a 1:24 fireplace. I've been eyeing them on Etsy for quite a while, once I saw the finish in person I snatched them up.

The pot I got from Julie of CelticJuju.  I've talked to Julie on a miniatures forum, it was nice to meet her in person. The pot has a great weathered finish which I couldn't capture well with my camera. 

One of them, I'm not sure who, snuck some mini fruit in my bag...thanks!

I bought the tea table kit and the fireplace tools (which is a finished kit) from SDK miniatures.  I've bought several of her plant kits over the years and finally got to meet her in person.

I bought the beautifully crafted 1:24 chair from Rebecca Libscomb, and the perfect little wicker shopping cart from Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures.  The brass cold air return is an antique I purchased from picker Patricia Wehmeier, and the shelf brackets and pans were purchased from Hartland Miniatures.

The tiny, intricate paper doily is from Stewart Dollhouse Creations.  As a bonus Ruth included the artwork...the map is going to look great in the study of the Fairfield.



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I followed the link to the aquariums, wow. Thanks for sharing your haul, great finds :)


Oh, today's pics are even better than yesterday's!!

Love love love the candles - I have her in my Etsy favorites and saw those yesterday - and love the goldfish bowl!

And everything else I would pretty much love to have full-size in my house.

You did great!


More great stuff! :D

miniature dollhouse

I can't imagine the amount of work that went in to this.

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