what I bought at the shows - part one
what I bought at the shows - part three

what I bought at the shows - part two

A darling little polymer clay cyclamen from Twilla's Tiny Treasures...Twilla is a very nice lady :)

I bought a lot of pottery.  I mixed up who I bought what from when I unpacked...most of this I bought from Diane Burger.  The chipped pot in the back left was a freebie from a man Brae bought some pottery from (I was out of both cash and time when we got to his booth).

I don't remember where I got the large pot from.  The porcelain dog and teeny turtle are from the Greenhouse Mini Shop, the porcelain cat from the Little Dollhouse Company, and the coffee pot from Hartland Miniatures.  The plastic kitty on the right was a free door prize at the Three Blind Mice Show. The barrel was made by Charles of Sir Thomas Thumb, he's who made the shovels, pitchforks, rakes, etc for the the mill....I got a big hug, then we sat and chatted for at least half an hour.

The resin baskets I bought from Greenhouse Mini Shop; I don't remember the name of the shop I picked up the wooden spoon and ladle from.  The macaroni and cheese was made by Jan Patrie of Autumn Leaf Studio...it took forever to decide which of her pieces to buy, they were all fabulous.  The coffee grinder was made by Alemikimikri, from Italy, the crocheted pot holders by Deb's Custom Crochet, and the teapot cozy by the very talented Helen Palenski from New Zealand...this is the third teapot cozy I've purchased from Helen, I think she blushed a little when I told her the two I have elicite many compliments.



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You DID buy a lot of pottery - you got some great stuff!!
Love that tipped on it's side jug.

The cyclamen from Twilla is amazing!


That plant looks so real! :D


I can't believe that flower is clay! I have tried the clay thing a few times (I think it all finally got thrown away when I moved)..I can't even fathom the talent that took!


La planta está preciosa y las cosas de barro también. Besos


I love paper flowers, but when a clay flower is down realistically well, my jaw drops and stays open. I have tried to do clay flowers and failed miserably. Not only does that artist have talent, but a bottomless well of patience!

Great haul, Keli!! I love all the pottery.

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