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I've been quiet lately, but not because I've been idle.  A lot of work has been done on the Spring Fling kit, but because it's for a contest I can't share my progress with you.  I'm very pleased with how the kit is coming along.

I've something else to share today, instead...

Twice a year the charity my daughter volunteers for has a garage sale.  Items are donated by the community and the money raised is used by the charity to help the needy.  It's a big event attended by hundreds of people...over $25,000 was raised last weekend.  My husband and I arrived Saturday morning ten minutes before it opened and waited in the two block long line to get in.  Matthew picked up a few odds and ends, while the only thing I got is a fabric remnant I'll use to upholster miniature furniture.

This is Matthew's big score...I wish I'd seen it first!  He found a fully functional, in good condition, well used, Mabef artist's sketch box easel.  He paid $10 for it...the lucky duck.




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Wow!! Lucky find - $10??

I'm not sure why anyone would get rid of it unless they updated theirs to something newer, but Matt found a gem!

Tell him we expect paintings of Wakefield chasing local fowl out of the yard now.


I have that exact same easel. I adore it. The legs are completely adjustable, so you can have it on any terrain. And $10 is a STEAL, since it's over $200 new. :) I remember when I got mine for Christmas in high school-so happy!

Ray Whitledge

Hello Keli!
You are an amazing artist and I enjoy seeing what you do! Thank you for the kind comments you leave for means a lot!
Warm regards from Ray

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