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Spring Fling 2012 sneak peeks

a modern makeover for some vintage furniture

All of these vintage Lundby pieces were upholstered like the chair on the left...last night I gave two of the pieces a makeover.  Fabric and I usually don't get along very well, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

The sofa originally had one bottom cushion, I cut it in half to make two...I also left the back of the sofa unpadded, since I'm going to add throw pillows.


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These look fab! Love the middle fabric especially! I had a set of these when I was younger...though mine were mahogany. Maybe when my parents move, we'll locate that long lost box. :D


Wonderful :D

Are you going to reupholster the other chair as well? Will it match one of the others?

I love the purple coloured print, I have some in my quilting projects bin. One would think the pattern would be too large for miniature use, but it looks nice on the chair. There are coordinating fabrics in that line, though the print on those may not work in a small scale - you should check them out.

You've got a good eye and great taste. And, as always, your execution is flawless.


And yep, you did an awesome job on them - they look comfy enough to flop down in!


Very nice!!

Mini Dork

Wow, I love the green and white couch. Cool fabric and great job on the upholstery!


These look great! Nicely done!


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