more work on the tree
tiny bubbles

it's really hard to paint a tree

First it was too dark, then it was too light...first too gray, then too brown, then too green, then too brown, then too gray...

After several colors stippled on in several coats I came to the realization that I'm never going to get it exactly the way I want it...I had to call it done.


Now for the foliage and finishing touches...but no more pictures until after the contest deadline...a girl has to have some secrets ;)


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All the different colors make it look real - well done!

When is the contest deadline?
I already want more pics...


It looks amazing, you called it a good point.


Oh my gosh! It looks great! If I didnt see the base, I would have thought it was real! Great Job Keli!!


It looks awesome, Keli! I really love that yours has so many branches. Lots of branching branches! And your trunk has a wonderful texture to it because of all the paint. :)


Thanks, guys :D

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