the start of a tree
it's really hard to paint a tree

more work on the tree

I wired until I ran out of wire...decided the last branch on the bottom would be a dead one.


Top coat of Durham's Rock Hard Water answer your question Brae, it sticks fine to the bare metal wire, but I imagine it would stick easier to paper covered wire...I bet paper covered wire would need a thinner mixture so it would go on tree is kind of gloppy.


I had to move the tree down to the floor to take the picture, since the water putty is the same color as the window blind above my worktable.

The bottom coat of water putty...


The first coat of paint...a hammered metal gray, simply because that's what I found in the garage.



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Nice! :D It looks marvelous!


Extra branchy! I like it!


It's huge! Very cool!

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Extra branchy! I like it!


Was checking out your half scale kitchen and found this post! Can't believe I missed it. Tree looks great!

Love the purple hair!

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