Spring Fling 2012 sneak peeks
more work on the tree

the start of a tree

Since Brae and Lyssa are posting about the trees they are building for their contest houses I thought I'd blog about mine too.

I made some wire trees a few years ago...one of the trees I started with too large a gauge of wire and another with too small a gauge, so didn't finish either...I'm using them as the base for this tree.

I'm making a small ornamental tree at the same time so I can try the Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty Brae recommended...I want to make sure I like it before I try it on the big tree...if I don't I'll use paperclay.


The beginning of the big tree...the two starts I had are wired together and mounted on a base.  The little tree (on the left) has been coated with water putty.

A few hours later...the big tree is taller, the leftover water putty from the small tree is squished into its base..and the little tree has dried and been primed.


A few hours later..more branches have been added and pieces of wood have been wired to the trunk to stiffen it because it was a bit too bendy.


A few hours later...there is a coat of water putty on the now sturdy trunk and more branches have been added.


I've got a lot more wiring to do!


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I love the tree you made for my Halloween pumpkin a few years ago - do you have a picture of that anywhere?
I remember the frustration when you started making these - you're getting better at it!

I've never heard of the water putty - are you liking it?
Am a die-hard Paperclay fan here, but always open minded to new stuff.
Let me know what the pros and cons of it are.


Hooray! I can't really tell, but are you using bare wire? I wonder if it holds differently to that versus the thread covered wire I used. That's a great idea adding the wood supports. :D


I love the patience you guys have!

Looks great Keli! Thank you so much for me goodies!!


**MY goodies - not 'me goodies'!

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