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more plants for the Spring Fling contest house

still working on the contest build

I'm about half-way through the plant kits I bought for the Spring Fling contest build.

The Queen Anne's lace, gold cushion mum and fuschia are Bonnie Lavish kits....delphinium, red zinnia, petunia, hosta, wandering jew and fern are kits from sdk miniatures.

I made a bunch of black-eyed-susan from scratch before the kits arrived, which now look too chunky in comparison.  I'll finish putting leaves on, then pass them along to someone else who wants them (Audra???).  I'm going to start over with thinner paper and finer wire.

I had planned to make all the plants for this build from scratch, but with the deadline swiftly approaching I realized I didn't have that much time left.  I'm glad I got the kits, laser cutting gives leaves and petals much more delicate and realistic than what I can cut and punch by hand.


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Wow, So very Beautiful flowers!




I especially love the delphinium and Queen Anne's lace!


Wow! That Queen Anne's Lace is amazing!


Ditto on the Queen Anne's lace and the delphinium! Beautiful! Can't wait to see your Spring Fling entry.
I am sure it will be fantastic!


They are great! I would love what you cant use! How are where all the flowers to make?


Thanks, everyone :)

Audra, they're not hard to make, they're just fussy because of the small pieces...and they always take longer to put together than you think they will.

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