cabinets started
Three Blind Mice Show and trip to Audra's

my shipment finally arrived... remember, the shipment I wanted at the beginning of last week, while I was on vacation.  Oh well, I had fun tinkering with the furnace and water heater.

This is my layout (the box is a fireplace)...I'm trying to decide between a table and chairs or a reading chair and small end table.  I'm leaning toward the easy chair...the cook needs a spot to relax in front of the fire with a good book while her baking is in the oven.

You'll notice that the cabinets are done.  My painting test revealed a negligible measurement for two layers of paint.   There is one coat of paint on the sides of the doors and drawers, two coats on the faces and top edges.  I had to sand the paint back off the bottom edge of two doors, but no further finessing was needed beyond what was done prior to painting.  I sealed the faces and top edges with satin varnish.  I rubbed beeswax on the outside of one drawer body, expecting that it would make it slide more smoothly, but all it did was make it sticky, so I stopped.

I had intended the cabinetry to be a whiter off-white color, but I didn't have enough of my go-to Magnolia White so I used Warm White intead.  Warm White is a little too ivory for my taste, but it does pick up the ivory tones in the marble, and I promised myself I wouldn't buy more paint until I use up most of what I already have in my stash.

I'm going to work on the sink next..I have plans to kit-bash a House of Miniatures dry sink kit that's missing a drawer front.  Before I start that I need to peruse my accumulation of kitchen accessories to make a shopping list...I'm driving to Ann Arbor for the Three Blind Mice show on Friday.


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I love the way it's already looking!
You're going to have a cat curled up in the chair by the fireplace, aren't you?


All the surfaces in the room are flat, you need the chair to break that up. Also I like the colour of the cabinets, it makes the white of the table in front of the stools pop. Is that supposed to be an island? I'm guessing so, since if it were a table the round table would be redundant. I like the layout, it's marvellous.


Funny, I was just showing a co-worker the pictures and making the same comment about all the flat surfaces in relation to the chair.


Can you do a step-by-step post of how you bash the dry sink? Like blog does? I've had one for years and I don't know what to do with it? I hope that didn't offend you?


You're blue hair is very pretty.


Loving the blue! Is that what Koda and I will see on Friday? The kitchen looks great. I might have to try some of those cabinets.


Yes, do try the cabinets, they're great kits. I wish they made them in half scale.

I will be blue on Friday :) The bottle says cobalt, but I'm calling it TARDIS.

Sure, I can do a step-by-step post for the kit bash sink takes longer, so give me a few days.

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