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the last pics you'll see until after the entry deadline

Keli vs. the door

I won.  But only because I know more curse words.

I measured the space the door fits into, cut a piece of basswood the right size, tested it in place...it fit.

I glued on the strip wood pieces that built up the door, tested the door in place...it still fit.

I put hinges on the side of the door, tested the door....it still fit.

I painted and stained, tested the door....it wouldn't fit.

I scraped and sanded down one side of the opening, tested the door...it fit again.

I installed the door by nailing the hinges to the door frame, then tried to close the door...it wouldn't fit.

I scraped and sanded down the other side of the opening, closed the door....it fit.

I tried to open the door again...it was stuck.

I pushed it open from the other side, scraped and sanded more from the frame, closed the door....it fit.

sigh....it longer to fit the door than it did to make the door.

It's done now, and it looks good.  It's painted gloss black on the exterior and stained to match the trim on the interior.  I designed it to mimic the finish on the side of the island.



Then I shingled....whizz, boom, that went fast.

I picked up a roll of non-skid tape for fifty cents at a garage sale a while ago...I used about half of it, so I figure it cost me a whole quarter to shingle the roof.  I measured and marked every inch, then cut slits half way up the tape to make the shingles.

I made the roof vent from some basswood scraps and wire mesh (to keep the raccoons out).  I cut and bent the wire mesh to fit perfectly inside the vent, then decided it looked too good to be realistic, so I took it back out and crunched it up some.  The stuff that looks like black roof tar around the vent is liquid electrical tape.  The roof vent sits above where the range hood is on the inside.

There are two weeks left until I leave for a business trip to St. Louis...I want to have the house done before I leave.  I think I can!


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What a great idea for shingles. I wonder how much a roll costs to buy one at the store.

I am sorry to hear your door caused you such trouble. You should give it a stern talking to. I like that you made your own door, it is very unique and looks very nice. You did fine work.


So cool with the banged-up vent and tar around it!
Looks just like the one on our house and yep, the coons and squirrels would be right in if they could get in!

Love the door - worth every minute and every cuss word you invested in it - and I love that island!


You owned that door *flex*. Really it looks great :)


Thanks, guys!



I love the idea with the non skid tape!! I think I am going to try that on a lot of my houses!! Shingles are the worst!


What fun is it keeping raccoons out?! Hahaha...send 'em on over to the Heritage. :D

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