moving along
the porch is next


The house is still arguing with me, but I'm winning now, instead of it.

I cut the base down and glued the house to it.  I've decided to eliminate the landscaping I was planning on, as it suited the house I had originally planned, not what the house has turned into.  The floor was bowed upward in the middle, so Friday night I glued pieces of dowel the same height as the edges around the middle of the underside of the floor, then flipped the house onto the base and weighted the floor overnight to dry.  Saturday morning I had a level floor.


I finished the wiring on Saturday and got the inside walls glued in.  I've always had my husband help me with wiring previous houses...this house I did almost all by myself.  I got all the light's wires twisted together at the termination point, where I kept cutting them instead of stripping them until I had no margin for another error...on the very last connection of the groups of wires to the switch I chickened out and had Matthew solder it.  The connections that I did aren't as pretty a job as the one he did, but they're buried between the walls anyway...and all fifteen of the lights work!  And I only burned myself twice melting shrink tube.  All in all it was a good learning experience; I'll do better next time.

Sunday I got the floor and ceiling done.  I used some of the pieces of oak my brother in law gave me, which I stained to match the shingles on the exterior of the house.  The boards aren't all the same width, so the floor is uneven, but I like the quirkiness...I'm calling it a "reclaimed wood" floor...which it is really, it's reclaimed from his kindling bin.  I did discard the thinnest and thickest boards so that it isn't wildly uneven, just charmingly uneven.  I may have to do some interesting shimming when I put the cabinetry in...but first I have to finish the porch roof so that I can turn the house right side up.


There will be no work on the house today, it's my baby's birthday.  Kate turns 22 today.

Susan's gratuitous cat picture...with Kate....



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Love the lighting and the woodwork!
That's my favorite color for wood - your flooring looks really good, too!

And a Happy Birthday to Kate!! 22 already... time is just flying.


Your kitchen is looking great. Are those LED lights? Don't you love them?


Wow, I love your ceiling :D


Yes, they are LED lights. I love them,, they run cool and last forever. I hate to have a house tethered to an electrical outlet.

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