the last pics you'll see until after the entry deadline
scale is a tricky thing

work on the finishing details

I made a spice rack and little bottles of spices (the ones on the top shelf).  I intended it to be stained oak, but I grabbed the stain marker sitting next to the oak one, apparently.  It would have been easy enough to re-cut a new piece after the fist swipe of black stain, since it hadn't been glued together yet, but the house and I have been aruging so much over this build that I decided to let it win this time. 


I make shades and pelments for the windows, using the same fabric I covered the bench cushions in.

Then I started a punchneedle rug, again, using the same fabric.  I like punchneedle, it's fun.  This is almost two hours of work, done while I watched Salt on TV, which is a movie I've seen before, so I didn't need to pay attention.  I ran out of blue thread toward the end of the movie, I have to go to the store today.


Susan's gratuitous cat pictures...



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Ohhh Ester... cats in boxes are the best!!

I bet that the dark color on the spice rack really pops - it looks great in the teaser you're giving us. I'm looking forward to seeing contest pics, and seeing the punchneedle rug further along.
I typoed that as "ouchneedle" and then laughed because it would probably be ouchneedle if I were trying it.

Love Angelina Jolie... I would watch her in just about anything, two or three times.


I love your spices!! Nice job! I think I have finally found the perfect shelf for the awesome food you sent me!

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