the Cedar Kitchen
progress report

Cedar Kitchen close-ups


I wish I had better close-up pictures...I broke my little camera, and I can't fit my big camera inside the kitchen.


The apron on the back of the door was made by LugartPetit, and the apples in the basket by Little Time Wasters.  I made the sink by painting the back of a piece of plastic packaging, and insetting a grommet for the drain.  The dishrag is from my best friend Susan.

I made the spice rack and the little jars of spices.  The pepper shaker, and the accompanying salt shaker, which is on the counter, were made by CountryMini.  The other bottles are mass produced pieces, picked up at miniatures shows.

The cucumber and tomato slices were made by Little Time Wasters, I only canned them; the bowl of potatoes on the back corner of the counter were also purchased there.  The utensils were picked up at miniatures shows.  The coq qu vin prep board came from Abasketof.


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Such a clever idea for the sink!

Love the pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, too!

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