Happy Halloween!
Cedar Kitchen close-ups

the Cedar Kitchen

These first three photos are the ones I entered in the contest...

CK A 2013

CK B 2013

CK C 2013

The exterior is clad in real stone and wood shingles, stained with Zar brand, cherry, because it was the closest thing I could find to cedar.  The windows are made from 1/8" thick plexiglass, and the open side has hinged plexiglass doors, to keep the dust out.  To accomodate the thickness of the windows and both the screen and storm door, the house was constructed with two kits to double the thickness of the walls...the wiring and the hinges sit between the two layers.

CK D 2013

The kitchen has a gas range, lit range hood, french door refrigerator, wine cooler, porcelain sink, custom cabinetry, built in dishwasher and open shelves.  I built them all.  None of the appliances, cabinet doors nor drawers open, all display is on the visible surfaces.

CK E 2013

The table and bench are refinished antiques (they were in poor shape when I bought them), I built the odd shelving and window seat.

The walls are papered with scrapbook paper; the window shades, pelments, bench cushions, fabric basket and punchneedle rug were all make from the same fabric, which mostly color matches the words on the wallpaper.  The floor is made from reclaimed oak strips, donated by my brother in law the builder, which I stained cherry to match the exterior, and left slightly uneven, to enhance the reclaimed look and feel.  The ceiling is painted white, with wooden beam accents...it's my favorite part of the kitchen.

CK F 2013

Though the lights were on in all those pictures it's impossible to tell, they didn't photograph in the sunlight.  There are 15 LED lights, placed to light the display shelves; they are powered by a 9 volt battery tucked inside the end cabinet....this makes the kitchen portable, as it doesn't have to be tethered to an electrical outlet.

CK G 2013

CK H 2013

The 15th light, in case you were counting, is the porch light, which I didn't photograph separately.

This weekend I'll post some close-up pictures and credit the artisans who made accessories.



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Amazing work. I am so crossing my fingers for you that it does well!

We had two couples over for Halloween dinner last night and they were all blown away by the four pieces I have displayed in the living room - general store, dance floor, cemetery, and curiousity book.
Your work is very much admired here and was fawned over last night, and John brought out the wip journals because that's his favorite part.

Each person saw something different to admire.
I hope it's the same with each judge who looks at this contest entry and I hope they have the wisdom to judge fairly.
Hope they can see how much heart you put into this piece!


This is awesome...Great job!

A. Wright

Awesome :) I can't wait to see more! Love that stove & hood.


Thanks, everyone :D

Susan, you made my heart hurt...in a good way.


This is beautiful! I love that your build is decked out for Halloween! The wallpaper and fabrics are perfect choices, and I love the materials you used for the exterior. Another wonderful build! :D


Keli, this is beautiful! I love how many handmade things you have in here and that you decorated for the holiday. So fun. And that word paper is FANTASTIC!


Love love love love!!!! It's so quaint and homey. I want to sit on the bench and read a book and get some yummy food! I love how you made the plexi doors, too -- very clever!


Thank you! It's been a long, hard project, I needed that.

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