new minis, embroidery update and dust
catching up

goodbye mill

I gutted the mill yesterday.  As soon as I can borrow my daughter's car I'll drop it off at a thrift store.

The mill was my first contest kit...I built something too big, I rushed it, my skills were at a novice level...I've never been happy with it.  I've given thought over the last year or so to gutting it, then remodeling and fixing the things that have fallen apart and I don't like...but three years of occupying my dining room is enough, I've lost all attachment to it, it's time for it to go, I am sick of looking at it. 

Goodbye, Moulin taught me new things, and I thank you for that.  Hopefully one day, a few years from now, I'll stumble across a story on the internet of how some budding hobbyist found you at the thrift store and made you over into the cottage of their dreams.  Good Luck.




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It was gorgeous.
I get it though - you and I are sooo much alike on some things.

And I do wish I could be a fly on the wall when someone finds it in the thrift.


Whoa! :O I understand completely, though. Sometimes, you're just ready to move on. :]

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