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pictures of my trip to Grand Rapids, part two

picture of my trip to Grand Rapids, part one

First the good daughter passed the exam, she's now a Registered Nurse.  She got her license in the mail earlier this week; we celebrated with pizza, champagne and brownie cheesecake.

Now the pictures....

We stayed at the JW Marriott downtown.   The hotel was fabulous, though the room service food could have been better.  We especially enjoyed the dual massaging heads in the large walk in shower, and the separate soaking hotels are wonderful.





The view out the window at night....


Looking back at the hotel from the other side of that blue bridge....


I lived in Grand Rapids for a decade, before I moved back home 15 years ago, so I wasn't going to go to the public museum, since I've already been more than once.  I did end up there though, because I'm not as travel savvy as I like to think I am. I didn't check the hours of the art museums I had planned to visit Monday until that morning, then discovered that's the only day of the week they're closed.  So, while Kate was taking her test Monday morning I walked over to the public museum, since it was just the other side of the bridge, there wasn't a good movie on HBO, and the hotel spa was out of my price range.  I'll put those pictures in the next post; I've been told posts that are too long and picture heavy aren't the best for followers who read this blog on their smartphones.


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Congrats to your daughter!! :D


YAY for Kate!!

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