picture of my trip to Grand Rapids, part one
pictures of my trip to Grand Rapids, part three

pictures of my trip to Grand Rapids, part two

The Grand Rapid Public Museum is in a different building than it was last time I visited.  The new building is a great space, very modern and up-to-date, but the exhibits were pretty much the same.

The old-town street is kind of neat, but the cheap accessories make it very fake....surely they could purchase more realistic fake vegetables and chickens.  And hide the modern lights, for goodness sake.



The plane and clock made me think of Brae, and how spot-on accurate her miniatures are....



Quilt pictures for Susan....the detail is amazing...



One room in particular amazed me, lots of pictures of that one room are coming in the next post.

I will close this post with Susan's gratuitous polecat picture...ha ha ha ha ha, I crack me up.



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Aw, thanks!!! :D If I had had more than a month or so to build Roland's Retreat, I would have attempted a vintage clock mechanism like the one you saw.


Awww - polecats!
So sweet... soooo stinky!!

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