back from the show
my loot from the show, part two

my loot from the show, part one


Glassware from Marie's Mini Shoppe.


A ceramic urn with tap, glass perfume bottle with stopper, and hand painted ceramic sink from Taller Targioni.


A Guatemalan woven rug/throw from Texas Tiny and a bird of paradise flower from Carol's Bloomers.


Pantry filler items from Wright Guide Miniatures.


Odds and ends from Cottage of Miniatures.


An owl trivet, silver tongs, and brass comb, by le mini di Pierluigi, purchased from The Little Dollhouse Company.


 Kits for wooden chests, a sheet of paper scissors, and a sheet of thread winders, from Lisa's Little Things.


A cherry cleaver and sharpening steel from J. Getzan.


Some paper covered wire from multiple sources, and a leaf veining tool from Templewood Miniatures.


Some chairs from WCD Miniatures.  They're plastic but are well made, have great detail, and a fantastic price point ($11 each).  I got these at the Three Blind Mice show, which was in a different location the same weekend.


Marble from Unicorna.


A Chinese checkers kit from Dragonfly International.  A yardstick, some embroidery in progress, and an embroidered bag, from Ruth Moe.


Wooden veneer trim, also from Ruth Moe.


Some canned goods and olive oil from Tiny Ter Miniatures.  A basket from Wilhelmina Miniatures, who was at the Three Blind Mice show.


A corn plant kit, from PepperWood Miniatures.  Thank you Brae, for asking if she had more stashed in the back, since we both wanted the one she had on the table.


Ester has been enjoying my purchases too...she looooves her some paper....




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Wahoo! The mini parade just keeps on coming! :D April noticed you have to seal the corn plant leaves before you do anything; didn't want you to run into issues. :]


Oooooh. You got such pretties!!!!! I love that basket Wilhelmina. Very nice.


Oh my gosh, where to even start!!
You bought beautiful and amazing little pieces - those glass jars are so beautiful!

The veneer trim and the kits for the chests - yummy! The cleaver and the oatmeal box - wow!
You made excellent choices in everything!

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