my loot from the show, part one
microwaved windows

my loot from the show, part two


A glass octopus and paperweight from Vitreus Ignis.  I could have spent a small fortune at their booth....I regret leaving the glass lizard behind :(


Glasses with lenses from Spencer's Nook.  The other items didn't have the seller I bought them from on the receipts.  The sheets of paper were my free gift from the Three Blind Mice show.


A cacti and the woven baskets I purchased from Grapevine Miniatures.  The vegetables and basket of mushrooms came from assorted vendors.


Birds and a lizard, made by Barbara Ann Meyer of Mini Gems.


A glass decanter, matching seltzer bottle and stemmed glasses, on a glass tray, from C&J Gallery.  A square glass whiskey decanter and glasses from Gerd Felka.  An abalone shell from Lynn Miniatures.  Sunglasses from A Little More in Miniatures.


Shoes made by Patrizia Santi.


Glass liquor bottles, cocktails, and glassware from The Little Dollhouse Company.  This is where I went over budget :D  Glass bottles look more realistic and photograph so much better than plastic bottles do.  I did manage to restrain myself from buying the more expensive bottles with real liquor in them.


More odds and ends from The Little Dollhouse Company.


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OMG....You did find great treasures! Love them...


I wanted one of those bottles with the real liquor in them SO BAD, but I also resisted. LOL. I looooove the octopus. I'm glad the show is over because this is making me want to shop more....


I'm so impressed with the pieces you got. I think little odds and ends are best to buy in person rather then online. And I love to see The Little Dollhouse Company in people's posts from the show since I visit there every couple of months :D I've blown my budget on several occasions there too!


I am so in love with all of the little glass things you bought!

And the critters - that tiny octopus is so adorable.
Now I'm hungry for calamari, though...

Betsy Rogers

Oh, what a lot of Treasures! I have never been to one of the "Big" shows.... I think I would go nuts with the options! You have bought some stunning glass.... and I didn't know they filled the glass bottles with the real stuff!!! But of course, some miniaturists Are perfectionists! I can't wait to see where you put all this wonderful stuff!


Awesome buys! I had fun meeting you in person at the show!

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