the week of negative progress

my most popular post

This year's contest kit took a bad turn this weekend.  The first coat of paint on the walls went on smooth, then I spackled the seams, sanded, put on the second coat, which went on beautifully, then I spackled a bit more, sanded....then the final coat went on thick and gloppy and yucky.  Sigh. 

That happened yesterday morning.   I walked out of my studio, shut the door, and spent the rest of the day doing other things.

Since I have no progress to report, I'm going to rerun my most popular post.   If you haven't seen this house before and want to see more, click on the category link over to the right.

Close ups of the sunroom - Michigan Lake Cottage - Spring Fling 2012

The couch and purple chair are vintage Lundby piece I refinished, the pillows I sewed myself.  The fabric I upholstered the sofa with I picked up at the Bishop show in April, the rest are from a quilter's charm pack I got at JoAnne's.  I also picked up the modern style green chair at the Bishop was teal, and taller, but I repainted it and then shortened the base to make the seat of the 1:12 chair the same level as the 1:16 furniture.  I made the lamp from a wooden finial (though I had my husband drill the hole through it to run the wire through, because I was a big chicken)...the paper lampshade is held up by a wire harp..a big thank you to Kris at 1 inch minis for the harp tutorial.

The rug is a 1:12 afghan from otterine.  The coffee table is a piece of round glass from a small picture frame atop a rusty nut I stole out of my husband's garage.  The other two end tables and the plant stands I made from tiny turnings and scraps of wood....I don't have a good picture of those, but they're not terribly exciting.



P9150012 P9150017


I made the magazines on the tables, which are all local publications, in keeping with my Grand Traverse Bay theme.  The ceramic cat I got at the Bishop Show, but I don't remember where I got the yellow glass vase.

Most of the plants in the sunroom were made from kits.  The palm and snake plant are from Bonnie Lavish kits.  The Boston fern, 1/2 scale African violet, wandering jew, Christmas cactus and schefflera were made from kits by sdk miniatures.  The polymer clay cyclamen next to the lamp is from Twilla's Tiny Treasures.  I made from scratch the philodendron on the other end table, the swiss cheese plant, and the no-named plant sitting between the wandering jew and the Christmas cactus.


P9150014 P9150015




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This room always makes me wish I were tiny so I could sit there in the sun and read magazines and needlefelt all day long...


I agree with Susan: I would love to move in right away! :) Love the athmosphere of this room and the colors are so wonderful!

Annejuli Valentine

I'm so glad you re-posted this. I didn't even know what a blog was in 2012 so I would never have seen it. That would have been a real shame because it is beautiful. :)


Thank you!

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