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frustrating cabinetry and a mini-vacation

I had the cabinetry built Saturday by noon, except for the door and appliance fronts, which I could have finished that afternoon had I not got badly sidetracked.  I got it into my head that a stainless steel stove, oven, dishwasher, sink, faucet, and laundry machine might be too much stainless for one kitchen, so I decided to use the white sink from Shapeways that I didn't use in the bathroom because it was too large.  It isn't a square sink, it's rounded, and angular, which demanded complicated cuts be made to inset it into the counter and jutting from the cabinet face a bit.  I spent the whole afternoon trying, but couldn't get it quite right enough to meet my standards.  All I accomplished was ruining three pieces of wood (now I have to buy more) and exhausting my vocabulary of curse words.


I bought tickets ages ago for Husband and I to see Umphrey's McGee in concert Sunday night at the outdoor amphitheater at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids.  We left after breakfast Sunday, made the two hour drive, visited the Grand Rapids Art Museum, checked into our hotel, then ate a fantastic meal at Gravity Taphouse Grille before attending the concert.

Monday we spent five hours at the Gardens and Sculpture Park before we drove home.  If you live within driving distance of, or are ever in the area of, Grand Rapids, Michigan, I highly recommend you go.  It was great.

This post is about to get picture heavy....if you're not interested, you can stop now, there is no more talk of miniatures....if you are really interested (or very bored) you can click here to see all 325 pictures I took.  I'm a bit camera crazy.

At the GRAM....







Umphrey's McGee, my favorite band to see live....


At Frederick Meijer Gardens, in the Sonaran (North American) desert conservatory...


the Kalahari (African) desert conservatory...


the carnivorous plant room...


in the Victorian conservatory...


the tropical conservatory was my favorite...




in the Japanese garden...


There were lovely waterfalls, streams, and ponds all over the park...




part of the bonsai collection...


the Michigan Farm Garden...


I thought the farmhouse looked too fancy to be realistic, but they said it's a 3/4 scale model of Lena Meijer's childhood home.


The animals were all bronze sculptures, which seemed fitting...


Does anyone know what this plant is?  It looks like a rose, but it is most definitely not.  There was no tag, and google has been no help at all.


in the woodland shade garden...


we probably could have spent another hour touring the children's garden, but we only took a few steps in before we turned around because, well, children...


gorgeous flower beds with great color combinations...


A couple of my favorite pieces at the sculpture park...


I will end your brief tour at the koi pond...





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What a fun couple of days. The gardens and conservatories look beautiful. Wanted to let you know your flower is a lisianthus or Eustoma. Very pretty aren't they?

Thanks for your blog posts - they are always interesting.


Thank you, Shannon!


I like to see a bit of mini, a bit of lifesize on blogs. I love visiting parks so thank you for posting pictures to brighten my (rain soaked) morning. Good luck with the kitchen - I'm sure it will look fab =0)


Nice little mini-vacay!

I love the Susanna Heller oil - wonderful colors.
And man, that is a fat koi!

Great photos!

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