The making of Susan's Halloween present - part two
I'm already a weekend behind schedule

what Cherry Heaven looks like...

...also known as...the other part of Susan's Halloween present.   All year long I pick things up as I find them, then stow them away in a big basket in my studio, which inevitably overflows into a second basket.  Every October when I dig it all out to box it up I shake my head at how much I've managed to accumulate. Every year the mix is different.

I live in the Cherry Capital of the world, Susan loves cherries...we were meant to be Besties.


So you don't have to squint to read labels...

Cherry Almond Butter, from Gallagher's Farm Market

Cherry Sweet Fire (Bread & Butter Pickles, Peppers, and Cherries) from Groleau's Farm Market

Cherry BBQ Sauce, from Brownwood Farms

Dark Sweet Cherry Preserves, from Cherry Street Market

Cherry Balsamic Grilling Sauce, from Groleau's Farm Market

Cherry Honey Mustard, from Food for Thought

Sour Cherry Spoon Fruit, from American Spoon

Cherry Pie Filling and Topping, from Brownwood Farms

Cherry Butter, from the Cherry Stop

Cherry BBQ Grilling Sauce, from American Spoon

Cherry Garden Salsa, from Benjamin Twigg

Sweet Cherry Conserve, from Rocky Top Farm

Cherry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip, from Brownwood Farms

Cherry Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, from Naturally Nutty

Cherry Summer Sausage, from Little Town Jerky

Cherry Bing Tea, from Benjamin Twigg

Cherry Sours, from 45th Parallel Candy World

Handmade Cherry soap, from Wildflower Soap Works (Theresa's family lived across the street from my husband's family when they were kids, hers is the only soap I use)

Cherry Lip Balm, from Wildflower Soap Works

Cherry Lip Balm, from JTreeLife

A four pound box of luscious dried cherries, from Traverse City Fruit Company  (Pepper, you can buy these off Amazon US, but I've no idea what overseas shipping would be)

Burlap bags of morning glory seeds, that my sister gave out to guests at her wedding...I forgot to label them, hopefully nobody thought they were pumpkin seeds and tried to eat them!

A couple of antique (look at the tags on the bottom, Susan) candles I got at an antique store for next to nothing....they must not have realized how collectible vintage Halloween stuff is

An ammonite ring I got at the Bishop Show in Chicago

An antique cherry gift box I picked up at an antique store

A cherry scented candle, from Fishcreek Soapworks

Not pictured...a bit of fabric I grabbed when Cyd set out her destash pile during lunch in Chicago...and a big sheet of potion bottle stickers or embellishments or something that I got free with an Alphastamps order when I bought the spooky trees


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Thank you for the link. I'll be eating dried cherries by Christmas =0D


Pepper, the dried cherries are wonderful cooked into oatmeal, where they plump back up, and my husband puts them in the apple/walnut stuffing at Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. He was in Cherry Heaven along with me when he walked in the door from work last night!
I am wanting to bake them into some oatmeal cookies this time.

Keli, I recognized the candles right away and am glad you didn't have to pay a fortune for them! I love the antique Hallo stuff so much and have a cabinet that bulges with it this time of year, so I am thrilled with them both - they will never see a lit match!

I did light the cherry candle last night - it smells SO good (so does the cherry soap!!), and I stopped eating cherry sours long enough to have some of the cherry almond butter on top of a schmear of cream cheese on a toasted bagel.
Cherry Heaven is the place I want to live forever!

I didn't eat any seeds but am probably going to plant them out back in my woods - wonder if they will still grow?


No idea if they'll grow or not. The seeds were packaged as thank you tokens for my sister's husband's brother's wedding two years ago, but they didn't put a sign next to the basket so nobody knew what they were for. They gave them to my sister to put out at her wedding...she put up a sign, but I'm not sure how many folks took any.


You have got to try the cherries mixed into chicken salad. YUMMY.


Literally Cherry Heaven here!

I am especially loving the cherry almond butter and wanting to get some brats to have the cherry mustard on this weekend.
I think Rotten is a little bit scared of the cherry "Fire" bread & butter pickles, made with jalapenos, but we're going to brave up and try them soon so we can give Bessie and you a review.

I have a box to send up your way this next week - you've inspired my Hallomojo, which has been flat as a pancake until now.

Yummmm... bet those cherries would be good in pancakes, with cherry maple syrup on top!


I'm scared of cherry fire too. Had I known you guys don't like spicy I wouldn't have sent them. I'm used to feeling like the only wimp who can't handle it.

I almost bought you cherry going to have to buy some cherry almond butter to try myself.

Glad you got your Hallomojo back!

I'm in Atlanta most of next week, will be back home very late Thursday night.

I have to go clothes shopping today. Yuck. It's business casual down there, and I didn't replace that part of my wardrobe after I lost all that fat.

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