Tropical Beach House - the loft
Tropical Beach House - deck, beach and lighting

Tropical Beach House - kitchen and bathroom

Another week without a post.  Sigh.  We had a bad wind storm just before Christmas that caused an extended power outage.  It made for a peaceful holiday, we sat and talked instead of sitting in front of electronic devices.  The power came back on Christmas day for a few hours before it went out again...long enough to do laundry and watch the Dr. Who Christmas special, so all was good.  

Kate has an awful stomach flu, she can't even keep clear fluids down.  I took her to urgent care yesterday for some IV fluids and an antiemetic, which relieved the immediate danger, she was severely dehydrated.  Now we just need the virus to finish running its course.  I must say, it's much different taking care of her when she's sick now that she's a nurse.  When she was a child she didn't argue with me, yesterday we had an small spat about how Mom can indeed feel a fever with a hand on a cheek.  (She got the thermometer out...I was right.)  The doctor said this flu is going around and is very contagious, so I'm going to work from home again today so as not to infect my coworkers...besides which, that way I can keep my eye on Kate.  Today's goal is to get some calories in her, she hasn't eaten anything in three days except for one small bowl of rice last night.

So...two more posts to finish the Tropical Beach House details, then on to Christmas present and 2016 contest posts :) 


I made all the cabinetry from scratch.  The sliding doors on the upper cabinets open, but the door and drawers on the lower cabinets do not.  The backsplash tile is a piece of scrapbook paper.  The brackets on the bar counter I got from JMG Miniatures...they're made from paper, so aren't structural elements; the bar is held in place because it was inserted into a groove in the back of the cabinetry.


The blender, toaster, and espresso maker were crafted by the very talented Lady Fanaberia.

The fruit basket in glass bowl was made by Abasketof, the faucet, resin basket and glass jar are mass produced pieces available almost everywhere, the vegetables were picked up here and there at shows.  The dishcloth was provided by my bestie, Susan, the scrubber I made from a dental pick and fancy toothpick.  I made one cutting board, the prettier one was made by Weston Miniature (if memory is correct). 

The dishwasher, sink, hob, and oven were made from ELF Miniatures kits.  I made the range hood,  washer/dryer, and refrigerator.  The fridge is an eyeglass case with letter stickers, the handle is from an ink pen.


The maneki-neko is a bead I picked up in Toronto's Chinatown, the canister was made by TwelveTimesMoreTeeny.  The salt and pepper grinders were made by Weston Miniature. I canned the pickles and made the teal canister, everything else is mass produced stuff.


I purchased the original painting years ago from Artsy Emmy the Crafter, it was waiting for the right house.

The bathroom is only viewed through the doorway (that's a faux pocket door, not a working one) or when the back of the house is opened up.



The mirrors on the wall were cut from plastic mirror sheet, the mirrored medicine cabinet was assembled from an old House of Miniatures kit.  I made the slant-back whirlpool tub and the vanity.  The toilet, sink, and faucets, as well as the electrical outlets and switches used throughout the house, were purchased from Shapeways.

The baskets were made by Grapevine Miniatures, purchased at the Bishop show in Chicago.  I also picked up the brush at the show, I don't remember from who.  The towel bars are mass produced pieces available lots of places.  The toilet brush in stand is the cap from Ester's flea treatment stuff, the wastebasket is a cap from a jar with a bit of plastic shopping bag used as the liner.  The towels were cut from baby washcloths.


The large picture on the wall is a photograph that I took at either Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago or Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, I forget which.  I had commissioned my nieces to make original artwork, but due to scheduling issues didn't get it from them until the day after I finished the house.  I'll use their artwork in future builds.

With the exception of one glass jar holding cotton swabs made from white seed beads, everything on the shelf, as well as the soap dispenser and jar on the vanity, and the jars in the basket, are beads.  Just beads.

The glass jar of bath salts is some glittery confetti stuff that comes in fingernail embellishment kits I buy from the dollar store for the glass jars.  I usually throw the contents straight into the trash. 

I made the scrubbies from toile.  The bars of soap in the basket are little tissue paper wrapped pieces of scrap wood, tied with string.  The bathmat was cut down from a microfiber has a waffle pattern, not that you can tell in my picture.  You can see it better in Pepper's bathroom, I sent her one of the washcloths, she made a towel from it.

The ledge under the window mirrors another ledge on the opposite side of the window, in the outdoor shower.  I designed it so that bottles of shampoo and whatnot could be passed through the open window.



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I cannot stop looking at the pictures. So much detail!! It's amazing.

I'm glad the plague is on the way out.....nurses make the worst patients ;) though some might say suffering at home under a nurses care is worse, " you're not haven't seen sick!"


It is all amazing. I especially love the eyeglass case refrigerator! So brilliant!


Hi Keli, You have done such clever things with your house. It is really great!
Hope Kate is beginning to feel better. Rice is a baby step back to a good appetite.
Laughed at Mom knows a fever when she feels one.
Have a healthy and happy New Year.
Regards Janine

Dee V.C.

I just love this. Your attention to every last detail is so precise and realistic. You colour scheme is perfect. I want to shrink down and love in it!

I like the new blog look, but miss your crazy blue hair pix.

I hope Kate feels better soon, the flu is the worst. :(

Betsy Rogers

Such Awesome work!!! Your details are so authentic and perfect... I keep forgetting we are looking at minis!!! Bravo for a Fantastic build! And looking forward to the next one!!!


I agree 100% with Betsy - I'm completely drawn in and keep forgetting that it's a miniature!
I keep seeing features that I would add to my own home!
Absolutely LOVE the aquarium pic over the tub!

And I'm so glad that Kate is feeling better. The flu is awful and, nursing knowledge aside, she's your baby and it's so hard to watch your baby suffer!


What material did you make your countertops out of? I still come back periodically to look at the pictures and to admire your build.



The counters are made from craft plywood.

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